2018 Business Trends

Next-generation business is oriented towards making lives of modern humans maximally simple. Coface credit experts and insurance specialists say: projects touching comfortable and simple life will prosper successfully in future.

Here are some most reasonable trends of the ongoing year.

“Smart” Household Equipment Production and Sale

What does the word “smart” mean here? Today they use it to describe devices possible to be controlled with smartphones. They create more and more applications and programs that allow you to setup and turn on the TV-set, coffee machine, washing machine, etc. And the user can do this even from outside the house.

2018 Business

Maybe, this will not be enough for humans in future. What if they create not just “smart”, but “very smart” devices controlled with the user’s thoughts? What? That’s not a bad idea for a 2028 year business startup, is it?

Autonomous Building Process

Not all physical work can make humans better. For instance, heavy physical loads in construction bring more harm than health. That is why automatic service technologies are being developed. For instance, they invented a robot who is able to build brick walls. Soon, other building processes can expect automation to become their trend.

Online Dressing-Room

The Internet shopping is what many people use. It is comfortable, fast and cost-effective. But there is one serious lack about that kind of shopping: it is impossible to touch or try putting the clothes on for the client. That is the problem which many Internet developers try to solve. Internet-stores offering online dressing-rooms for their clients’ disposal become extremely popular in 2018. These technologies can interest newbie businessmen who only look for their field yet.

What business fields to consider in order for your startup to prosper?

Domestic Tourism, Agro-Tourism

During recent years, local places of interest gained much popularity for people all over the world. People start valuing things which are nearby. Trips around the country can fit those who can’t afford traveling abroad, too. If you know how to organize entertainment and rest inside your country, then it is impossible for you to find a better idea for business.

Ecologically Pure Products

GMO-products and food additives almost dominated natural foods all over the world. But nowadays, more and more people want to eat food grown without chemical and other fertilizers. Such products are highly valued, so it is possible for you to recoup startup investments very fast.

SMS-Informing Services

Who should you inform? For instance, inform parents whose children attend schools and colleges. Child safety is an ongoing topic during some recent years, so this idea is quite on demand. Kids receive special cards with integrated chips. Then, you set up an equipment which is going to read the information from cards and send notifications to parents. This means, a child enters the school building, uses a card through a special reader, and then parents receive the appropriate signal. Families pay certain funds for every notification. You can start from one school and then expand your service to the scale of a district or the whole city.

New Business Ideas

Here are some new business ideas and trends of 2018 that are worth your attention. They can give you good stable incomes if you study them well.

Drone Sales

Drones are unmanned flying devices. Armies started to use them first, but then these technologies proved to be able to improve our everyday life, too. Drones can carry documents, deliver purchases made online, and so on. To launch sales, you need to find a supplier, to create a website and to launch an advertising campaign.

A Shop with no Salesmen

These are small trading points where you can buy food supplies and essential goods. They are perfect solutions for small villages and towns where there are problems with regular shops and stores. Before opening a new trade point, study the closest neighborhood, talk to locals, and understand their needs. Then, you only need to create a business plan and to launch the first project.

You can guarantee your business to prosper in 2018 and further. There are many ideas that can bring you good incomes.

Plus, Coface credit and insurance specialists are always here to help you evaluate risks and provide safe trades all the time.

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