Coface Top Quality Credit Insurance

Coface is the world leader in the field of credit insurance. Thanks to Coface services, all our clients provide their businesses on both internal and export markets with confidence. The quality of our services does not depend on the level of your business: we protect you from unpaid bills and help you to find reliable clients.

We can give you a great knowledge about companies, business branches and latest economic trends. Let this experience we collected work for your success!

Our Solutions

Credit insurance is a universal “safety airbag” for a business. We adapt all our trading insurance solutions to your needs, the size of your company, and specialties of your business branch.

Business Insurance

People often think that credit insurance is something unbelievably complicated or effective only for big transnational companies. But this is not true. Our services have everything to become a good assistance for small firms achieving long-term successes. Where else can they get such a powerful informational and financial support?

Our business insurance solutions are implemented fast and easy. Credit insurance from Coface supports your company with a bunch of important advantages:

  • It provides you with safety. After your credit is insured, you protect your business from non-payments. This may be a priority for your company. Your resources or capital may be limited, and in case if your clients refuse to pay, your business risks shattering. Credit insurance guarantees you in-time loan payments even in case if your counter-agents don’t keep up with their payment responsibilities. We just transfer you the money. And take recovery measures.
  • It gives you a reliable partner. In case if you can’t provide significant resources for credit management, our 4300 qualified employees in 66 countries have probably the world’s biggest knowledge about companies, trends and branches. This powerful knowledge is all yours! It works for your development and growth, securing your risks.
  • It is affordable. Credit insurance is a solution which is more than affordable and profitable for most companies. It is still effective, even if you don’t take additional benefits into account: risk-management, receivable portfolio control, assistance in getting loans and credits, access to economic data and the possibility to increase your sales with no risk.
  • ​It is easy to control. All our clients have an instant access to Cofanet: our secured Internet system. All the data about your insurance specialties and other serious services we provide is concentrated there in your personal account, and you can analyze and operate it at any moment of time without delays.


Coface is known as the company providing all clients with exclusively high-quality services.

Your Credit Assistant

Do you want to extend your distributional area and to increase sales? Are you entering the world market? Do you need to secure risks of non-payment from your main clients? Then flexible solutions of Coface credit insurance company will help you develop your success. We provide every client with an individual solution which is carefully adjusted to the size of your company, to the sector of your business and to your ambitions.

Here are some benefits and strengths your business receives with Coface credit insurance:

  • Credit insurance takes your individual needs into account. As we mentioned already, we offer our clients only personal solutions adjusted to their wishes and requirements;
  • Credit support. We work on the optimization of your receivable portfolio together with your credit managers. Our business outlook and immense experience let your credit management reach new heights. We can provide you with priceless information even for the most critical business decisions.
  • Coface is your pass to world markets. Our risk-managers and economists work in more than 60 countries. We are going to stay nearby wherever you perform your business operations. Global presence lets us gather data required to feed your success and to plan your further moves together.
  • Coface is a shield for your business. Lack of payments can severely damage even the most prosperous company’s financial wealth. But if you insure your credits, your business is protected from unpaid bills.

Coface is your reliable credit insurance partner.

We exist for your prosperity!